Saturday, August 16, 2014

Getting to Know You

To begin the school year, I like to get to know the basics about my students from my students. I’ve seen many “All about Me” books over the years and decided one year to create my own based on the information I was looking for (how do you get to and from school, work preferences, and family info). If you teach a split grade your lower grade returns the following year. So it's great to have several themes to rotate through.

My favourite one to do is Strawberry Social! We have a back to school party and do many berry themed activities this week.

Whoo are You? – our owl theme. I found these cute owl nametags for desks at Michaels and had our classroom decorated with more owls. It tied in nicely with the Owl theme studies unit we did that fall. “Theme Studies” is our name for science and/or social studies teaching block.

Special Agents is a fun one, too, particularly for the older kiddos. At this age, they are right into the detective work we do to get to know their peers better.

These four theme “All About Me” books and the activities I do along with it are available at my TPT store. And just for reading, I’ve included the Special Agents theme sample for FREE! Click on the cover picture above or any of the Back to School themes to see the product.

What themes do you do in your classroom to start off the year? Do any of you carry your theme out for the entire school year?

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