Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wait, You Don’t Live at School???

Have you experienced that shy sway and silent stare some of the kiddos do when they see you at the grocery store? Or how about the giddy two-step and toothy grin? So sweet! In case I ever run into you outside of school, here’s a little bit more about my life so we can avoid the awkward dance. Although, I can't guarantee I will be any less awkward...

I’ll skip all of the mushy details and just tell you that I’m married to this guy. Love him! He’s my motivator and tidy-upper, and nothing would get accomplished without him around.

We have two little ones that are oh-so-lovable. So much so, that I will probably gush about them on here often. Logan is newly 3 and Aubrey is 6 months. Which means I am currently at home on maternity leave, giving me time to spend with my kiddos and time to finally post on here and TeachersPayTeachers.

Do you have any good stories about students seeing you outside of school? I'd love to hear from you.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Spotlight on...

My favourite genre of books is children’s literature. I can now admit that proudly. There was a time in my life when I was a closet reader of children’s literature, but now I ask those who judge, how can you?! Beautiful artwork with poetically written lines – what a pair! There are so many authors and illustrators I love. They need to be shared…one at a time.
My first spotlight author, Paulette Bourgeois!

Author of the Franklin book series and a Canadian.  The book of hers that I like best is Big Sarah’s Little Boots. Sarah has a favourite pair of rain boots. When those boots no longer fit her feet she attempts many creative ways to make the boots stretch and grow. Her loving mother measures her to show that she has grown and it is time for new boots. Sarah does not like the idea of getting new boots, but eventually learns that there are some things she likes about the new boots. This book is an example of accepting change and finding the good in that change. Bourgeois’ writing voice breathes life into this believable, childhood story.

Of course, the first spotlight illustrator is Brenda Clark.

She has illustrated this book as well as the classic Franklin books. I really like her attention to detail and the way she includes real life objects in her pictures. For example, the trike she rides reminds me of one my family had growing up. Most of all, I think Brenda Clark does a fantastic job of capturing facial expressions. Look at this face!

Be sure to check out the Franklin book series, too. We will see more of Paulette Bourgeois in the fall when we do our Canadian Hall of Fame unit. 

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Perfectly Imperfect in Second Grade

My little one sat watching me put on my make-up this morning, fascinated by what I was doing. I cooingly told her that she was already perfect and didn’t need to wear make-up. Then I thought, what does that say about the way I view myself – imperfect. Even though I know I was fearfully and wonderfully made – I have imperfections now. And that’s when those wonderful, albeit slightly altered, words of Mary Poppins came into my heart, “Perfectly imperfect”.

When I want inspiration for my classroom, there are several teaching blogs I view. There are so many talented, creative teachers out there with hearts to give their students the best learning experiences. While teaching blogs are there to inspire greatness and share wonderful activities and strategies, occasionally it can make me feel like I fall short. Not the case. And since you are here, putting time and effort into looking for ideas and strategies to use in your classroom, I assure you it’s not the case for you, either.

So, here I am, revealing to you that I am a perfectly imperfect teacher.  I hope to share with you some of our planned and unplanned happenings in second grade. May it inspire and encourage you!