Sunday, August 24, 2014

Eager Readers

A few years ago, I started a reading incentive program to encourage thoughtful, independent reading during center time. I often found little ones could be easily distracted from the task of reading at the library center without something (other than me) to hold them accountable. I started with three themes (one for each school season) and moved toward one theme a month to keep things interesting and to vary the reading skill.

Basically, my kiddos choose a book from the class library as usual, fiction or nonfiction, and then complete a skill builder or comprehension worksheet to go with it. They hand it in or show it to me, I check it and reward them with a sticker/die cut for their poster. Here are some examples of what I’ve used:

Maple Tree Reading – leaf die cuts or stickers

Rocket Reading – star stickers or stamps

Marshmallow Reading – with cotton balls for marshmallows in a hot chocolate mug
(This one is pictured with a nonfiction reading incentive worksheet).

Gumball Reading – any circular stickers or with bingo dabbers

 Rainstorm Reading – I like to do this one in February and tie it in with the story,
 The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond. 
It could also be done with a raindrop stamp or sticker. 
(It's pictured with a nonfiction reading incentive worksheet).

It’s amazing how motivating sticker collections are for kiddos, especially when they are working towards creating a picture with those stickers. And it’s a lovely way to fill a bulletin board for an entire month. Plus, when I take it down I know exactly what will be going up next – for the entire year…love it when things are that easy and organized.

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