Monday, August 25, 2014

Powerpoint 2011 Users Unite!

My name is Taryn, and I use 2011 Powerpoint for Mac. I am aware of the frustration caused by searching for a How-To in Powerpoint when all of your TPT friends are using 2010! I am by no means an expert and have simply learned through trial and error. Today, I am going to walk through saving slides as pictures without losing the quality of the image.

Step 1: Congratulations! You have finished creating your TPT product as a Powerpoint let's get technical. Go to File - Save as Pictures...

 Step 2: Decide where to save these slide pictures (you may want to create a new folder as it saves each slide as an individual file). I like to use PNG format because according to Powerpoint 2010 users it provides a crisper image than JPEG...I believe them.

Step 3: As highlighted, change the Height to 2249 (I always type in 3000 - it's an easier number to remember and type. Powerpoint changes it to 2249 as a max.) The width changes automatically to 1687 if it is a vertical page and to 2999 if it is a horizontal page. You can decide if you want to save current slide only or save every slide in the presentation. Click OK.

Step 4: Start a blank presentation with the same page setup. Insert slides as background images.

Voila! You will have achieved the same crisp and clear image as a Powerpoint 2010 user.

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